The Philosopher's Path - A Personal Quest

Examine -  Ideas that Matter in Your Life

Explore   -  Questions rather than Presume Answers

Engage    -  Inquiry - Mindfulness - Meaning

Express   - Identity:  Intellectual - Spiritual - Cultural - Sexual 

The  Philosopher's Path  is the  personal  journey  that commits inquiring individuals to explore deeply the uncommon meaning and profound potential of their unique philosophical identity and life expression.

Philosophical Practice is a newly emerging field that invites one to engage and experience life through deep personal reflection and meaningful dialog.

While this practice is not counseling in the traditional sense, it is revealing and rewarding as one examines significant, fundamental life issues and then explores these concerns free from judgment or pre-defined expectations.

Zem Philosophy engages global consciousness and awareness and explores all of the philosophical possibilities that are available to sustain and enrich our common humanity.